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FLASHING MY SHORTS – flash fiction

Salvatore Buttaci

Flash fiction has taken the country, if not the world, by storm.  Readers have taken to it like bees to the proverbial honey.  Reading short-short fiction reflects the times we live in, the hurried pace of our compact day.  It allows one on the go to grab the brass ring of reading pleasure in the space of only a few pages, to read a complete story with all its required story elements intact, in no more than 1,000 words.  Where were these stories when we struggled through the heavy tomes of our high-school days?

Flashing My Shorts - Sal Buttaci

I wrote Flashing My Shorts because I love a good story, but I don’t love having to tread page after page through extensive detail in order to reach the resolution.  Maybe it’s my impatient nature.  Maybe I like tale-hopping, closing down one story and moving on to another.  Sort of like delicacies at a smorgasbord where the diner can try this culinary gem and then have enough belly room to try another and then another and then…You get the point.

My book is not an autobiographical tell-all of an obscene flasher who writes his collection from a prison cell somewhere in West Virginia.  The flashes are brief fictions.  They are the shorts I wrote, not wear.  And I did my best to vary the stories so the mix contains tales of horror, love, science fiction, crime, humor, madness–you name it, you’ll find it in Flashing My Shorts.

My hope is that visitors who come to will order a copy.  Hey, maybe they’re in a hurry, don’t have time for lengthy novels, and will suspect mine might be right up their alley.  I wish I could tell them all this is the flash-fiction book that will pay for itself in good reading entertainment pleasure.  They’ll have to find out for themselves.

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Author Sal Buttaci

Here are some customer reviews:

1.   These Stories Are Short, But They Pack A Punch

Salvatore Buttaci masters the short form in his new collection Flashing My Shorts. The stories here are spare but powerful, and each is injected with Buttaci’s quick wit, sharp insight, and the sort of emotional depth that causes a reader to pause, for just a moment, before reading on, wanting more.

Buttaci has a delicate touch with his pen and he’s fantastic at telling stories, stories with wide range and the commonality of insight, humor and strong resolution. Buy the book for yourself, buy a copy for a friend and get ready to enjoy what a strong short story collection can offer: utter entertainment in bite-sized bits. I like to think of these stories the way I think of those portion-controlled, pre-packaged desserts: when I’m done with one, why not another?   (J.L. Knox, Musical Chairs)

2.  Short fiction at its best

Drawing on his dry sense of humor and a deep sense of irony, Salvatore Buttaci has delivered a book of sparkling gems. These quick stories make us laugh, think, and at times cry. They take us to the core of reality and at other times to the wonders of fantasy. This is a book that I would highly recommend to the reader who enjoys the art of flash fiction and to the reader who likes a quick laugh. (Kenneth Weene author of Widow’s Walk)

3.     short but filling

Sal Buttaci is a keen observer of the human condition and can make a paragraph speak volumes. If we are not his characters, we are bound to know some of them. Read it!
(Bug Lady)

4.       Never Disappointed

Sal never fails to open doors for his readers into the hidden emotions found in small corners of everyday life. Told through the eyes of characters that may as well be a favorite auntie, grandmother or best friend, Sal’s stories are certain to capture your spirit. His prose is lighthearted, inviting and demonstrates what a deft touch can do for a wonderful tale. A born story teller, Sal will capture the hearts of new readers and warm those of his existing fans. You are always in for a treat with his work.     (Michael Solender)

5.  Grab the shorts!

This was an excellent read! Buttaci never fails to tug at your heartstrings and your humor. Very enjoyable and highly recommended!      (Linda Presto, Lafayette, NJ)

6.  Great dialogue & packed with emotion

I am amazed that with so few words, Sal has created stories with emotion. His dialogue is so realistic that I feel like these are real people with real concerns. It’s a great read.
(Katherine Lakes, Washington, DC)

7.  Sincere, Funny,

What I would expect from a master story teller

Having read several of Sal’s books, I am excited about ‘Flashing My Shorts‘. This is a funny, loving man; in passionate love with his wife, clear in his memories of growing up in a proud Italian American family, and devoted to his craft – writing. Very worth reading anything by Sal Buttaci, and especially this, his newest work.   (Ingrid R. Briles)

8.   A humble man with an articulate mind

I have read several of Sal Buttaci’s poems and flash fiction. He has the talent to keep you entertained.

I believe his flash fiction to be one of the best ways to read when you have limited time. I love this title.   (Jeanette Cheezum)

9.  You won’t be shorted

Salvatore Buttaci has a warm sense of humor, but he can cut to the bone when he wants to be seriously dramatic. There are more than 100 flash fictions in this collection of various stripes and colors. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’ll wager you will be eagerly awaiting Mr. Buttaci’s next collection because, well, you know how fast flashes go. Take this book on vacation and dip into it at random, read and reread. Enjoy his sparkling wit.   BTW, the title is a keeper.   (Michael Brown; Mexico)

10.   Sal’s Flash

Poetic and insightful, Sal delivers pure entertainment, with fresh perspectives on the human condition. Flash at its best.   (Peggy McFarland; NH)

Flashing My Shorts
ISBN # 0984259473
Flash Fiction
Published January 2010

FLASHING MY SHORTS (by Salvatore Buttaci)

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