Salvatore Buttaci

Sun Sparks The Day

ummer 2005

Sun Sparks the Day: Poems of Sicily

By Sal Amico M. Buttaci


Sun Sparks the Day: Poems of Sicily

Includes the best of Sal Buttaci’s Sicilian-themed poems:

Spend a morning in Acquaviva Platani, the village of his parents where you’ll meet the men in the piazza like Turiddu and the barber Vanuzzu and Padre Giambetta the village priest.

Visit with a mother whose only son has died in the war and all she has to treasure are a last photograph and his final letter.

Eavesdrop on a parting scene at a railroad station: Vincinzu is leaving his village for the l’America and Giovanni Quaranta  is going there too and will eventually strike it rich.

Smell the bougainvillea blooming on the side of Dr. Milano’s house.

Walk with a Sicilian couple across the Rialto Bridge in the romantic city of Venice where hearts dance and hearts break.

Meet once more the foolish Icarus who almost landed in Sicily but died in flight.

Ask the young Sicilian woman who yearns to live in the big city of Rome how she will remember the little town she left behind.


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